Hugo Magalhães on the challenges for tech startup founders and narrowing down to scale up. 

written by iryna prysyazhnuk Hugo Magalhães is a software developer, project manager founder and CEO of Helppier, a Portuguese-based startup. Helppier is software that helps users to create automated tours and visually appealing in-app messages without coding. Its mission – to make the lives of e-commerce businesses easier. The software provides interactive chats, video-tours and onboarding guides,…


Ammar Akhtar on bootstrapping a startup, growing during pandemic and skills every non-tech founder needs

Written by iryna prysyazhnuk Ammar Akhtar, founder of Finalrentals and a keynote speaker shares insights on discovering a niche for innovation, bootstrapping a startup, and skills every non-tech founder needs. Ammar Akhtar created Finalrentals in 2016, and the company has become the largest car rental marketplace in the UAE with over 40,000 locations worldwide. Akhtar brought…